Free Worksheet:  How to Calculate the Cost of Tape

Get a true picture of  what using LTO tape costs your enterprise and how it impacts your bottomline!

Ever wonder what using tape really costs your company but not sure how to capture the information needed? Download this free worksheet today and use it to determine your costs.  

Use this worksheet to:

  • Automatically calculate the costs associated with using LTO tape for your backups and restores
  • Quickly learn your total annual expenses for equipment, materials, labor, storage and downtime
  • Easily identify how using physical tape media is financially impacting your department and your company
  • Have information readily available for budgeting purposes

Start to understand your tape costs by downloading the free worksheet now!

Download the Worksheet
Download the How to Calculate the Cost of Tape  worksheet  by clicking the button below to get an accurate total  of what using tape costs your enterprise !
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